My Shameful - Descend

7 songs
50:24 minutes
***** **


Considering the slow pace of their songs, it’s astonishing that My Shameful have already released their fourth album Descend since 2003. Although led by Finnish vocalist and guitarist Sami Rautio, the band also has two German members which resulted in the album being recorded as well in Finland as in Germany. My Shameful play sludgy doom death, with all of their songs on this album between five and nine minutes long. The bpm-rate of their material is really low, the rhythm section feels like burrowing a way through molasses, but occasional guitar harmonies allow a certain melancholic feeling. Rautio’s vocals are quite diverse, switching from moaning to growls and shrieks that even flirt with black metal, even though My Shameful are way too slow for that sound.

Descend sounds perfect enough, the production is top notch. Like early My Dying Bride minus the violin, and when the sadness factor goes down, I even feel reminded of classic Hellhammer, as on the shorter Deity Of Retribution. Somehow My Shameful are always oscillating between those two extremes: funeral doom means unpolished doom death, with better than average vocals, but a songwriting that could at times take advantage of more risk taking.

My Shameful have been around for quite some time now, and although I am not familiar with their past works, I am certain they have found their niche. The target audience is clearly delineated with this product, and yet I believe that with a slightly more progressive and daring approach, this Finnish-German band could take their music even a step further.

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