MYSTERY BLUE - Hell & Fury

Mystery Blue - Hell & Fury

11 songs
48:25 minutes
***** ****


It’s hard to believe that Mystery Blue from France have been around since 1982. Of course there have been numerous line-up changes that helped keep the average age down. Nowadays guitarist Frenzy is the only remaining founding member. Their two last albums were already quite amazing, and their sixth record Hell & Fury doesn’t change my opinion about the band.

Mystery Blue’s figurehead is vocalist Nathalie who does not give a damn about gothic or symphonic metal. Instead she is fully rooted in the Eighties, armed with a strong voice reminding of Doro Pesch when she was still in Warlock and Hellion’s Ann Boleyn. But also the music has its definite allure, with the three musicians doing everything possible to give the album its signature sound. Mystery Blue play incredibly classic heavy metal with some speed metal touches, which may be considered an anachronism in this day and age, but which also gives them their special charm. The songs on Hell & Fury sound quite complex but their music always works impeccably. Metalheads with a predilection for the good, old times will salivate with delight on hearing songs like No Way Out or the title track. There are also two quieter pieces (Fate, When Time Is Pain), but the band avoids to drift into cheesiness, so that these moments of respite add some welcome variety. Most songs rock fast and relentlessly, which is a good thing!

Mystery Blue steadfastly refuse to reinvent metal and prove that its old-school variant can still sound fresh. Mystery Blue do everything right, making Hell & Fury a treat for everyone into early speed metal (Helstar, OverKill,…).

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