NILE - Annihilation Of The Wicked

Nile - Annihilation Of The Wicked

10 songs
52:06 minutes
***** ****
Relapse /Suburban


Of all second generation death metal bands, there is none that surpasses the Egyptian mythology tinged Nile from the East Coast of the United States. If their first album Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka was already considered to be a masterpiece and novelty at the same time, from their second release Black Seeds Of Vengeance on they proved to have developed their very own kind of death metal. With their now forth album Annihilation Of The Wicked, there is no way to imagine anybody kicking Nile off the throne, as what we get to hear is flawless and as close to perfection as this genre will ever allow. Nile is still Nile: their songs are mostly played with hyperspeed, the guitars play some of the most intricate rhythms that truly challenge, and the blasting drums draw their momentum as well from aggression as from incredible rhythmic intricacies.

Nile are probably the hardest touring death metal band ever, combined with their ingenious playing techniques, enables them to create a sound that works on two levels. On the basic one, it's some of the fiercest death metal available today, but if you dare to step higher, you will understand that Nile's force comes from delivering their songs with an unparalleled precision, taking advantage this time from Neil Kernon's masterful production.

It's hard to pick out any single track, because Annihilation Of The Wicked rocks from beginning to end, showing that death metal can be truly innovative. The subtle North African elements have long lost any feeling of gimmickry, but enhance the threatening mood. Even if you are not considering yourself to be a death metal fan, this album deserves to be listened to by anyone who likes progressive innovative music.

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