ONE BAR TOWN - Power Of Principles

One Bar Town - Power Of Principles

15 songs
53:49 minutes

It's quite unusual for to review a country CD. I have to admit that I had a lot of entertainment with the humorist CDs by Butch & Jean, but One Bar Town are however a band that has to be taken seriously. A little history: The band was founded two years ago by people from Germany and Denmark and has established itself in Germany. They are not a pure country band, but the use of banjos and harmonicas lead One Bar Town often in that musical direction. They mix elements of roots rock, folk, hillbilly, singer songwriter and americana to get their own style. It's of course quite decent music, but a bit too mellow for my taste. Solitary Man, a song covered from Neil Diamond, shows already that One Bar Town never risk to get too hard. If you like a mixture of country and the softer side of R.E.M., One Bar Town may be up to your taste. If not, you have to try something else.
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