ONE FINE CAST - Pride Of Humility

One Fine Cast - Pride Of Humility

5 songs
15:55 minutes
***** *


Ever since I was a young hardcore and punk fan in the early Nineties, Ypres in Belgium was well known for its active scene, which is why I should not be too surprised to meet a band displaying a proud "Ypres Hardcore Scene" logo on its CD. My first apprehension, that we had to deal with another trendy metalcore or aggressive moshcore band, weren't well founded, as the short opener Fight Less, Fight Harder is a perfect example of the way hardcore sounded when 7 Seconds, Youth Of Today and Gorilla Biscuits were in their prime.

One Fine Cast have a very old school sound, but in a positive way. If we can dismiss their conservative attitude towards women (with the opener being an anti-abortion song, of course written by men who never have to make a decision if they want to carry out a baby or not) and their thanking God first place in the credits (and I have a hard time with that), we are left with an inspired if not yet fully mature hardcore album. The singer has the potential of a good voice, oscillating between suffering-melodic and angry-melodic vocals, never bowing down to emo whininess or tough guy attitudes. His only mistake is weak pronunciation, which is taking some of the power out of his performance. The guitars have enough aggression to please, without having to use a metallic sound. The drums are wild and straightforward.

With five songs and a talented band, you can't do much wrong, even if originality comes at the most in very small doses. Like I pointed out before, I don't like the self-righteous lyrics of the opening song, and the two following ones may have well intended messages (labour struggles, child abuse and prostitution), but they come across with too much pathos, transforming an otherwise cool old school hardcore EP into a rather controversial affair.

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