The Peacocks - After All

15 songs
41:29 minutes
***** **
People Like You


The last official album by the Peacocks from Schaffhausen in Switzerland came out in 2007. A compilation with some unreleased material shortened the waiting period, but it was high time for a new regular record which we now get with After All, on which the band offers just what we have come to expect from them.

Active for nearly twenty years, the Peacocks play on their seventh studio album once again a healthy mix of rockabilly and rock’n’roll. Armed with guitar, drums and the mandatory double bass, the three-piece authentically revives the flair of the Fifties and Sixties. I am certainly not the biggest rockabilly fan but even I feel how hard the band works to avoid creative dead end streets. A fair share of true rockers, like the exquisite Danger, make it next to impossible to sit still. But there is also a melancholy side to the band, as can be heard on Not Your Man. Of course you will find also thoroughbred rockabilly numbers like Shiftless and the title track. Other highlights are Against It with its irresistible groovy rhythm, and the totally retro Primadonnas with distorted vocals that make it sound as coming straight from the time in between world wars. The ultra-cheesy Better Times wouldn’t have been amiss on the Eis am Stiel soundtrack album.

Fans of the Peacocks will certainly not be disappointed by After All, and maybe the Swiss trio even manages to attract some new fans that are otherwise more into rock music. I like the Peacocks nearly as much as the Meteors, but let’s face it, no one has such a charismatic voice like Paul P. Fenech.

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