RE-VISION - Bleed For The Gods (That's Metal - Lesson I)

Powergod - Bleed For The Gods

16 songs
68:05 minutes
***** *****

Having lived in the US for more than a year, I somehow missed the arrival of this German band and their first two albums. I was more than a little surprised when I received their third album which consists only of cover versions. Now most heavy metal bands do covers of Judas Priest (hard to find one metal band that didn’t), Metallica or Iron Maiden. Powergod’s roots go back to the mid Eighties though, and they show it by covering mostly obscure songs by some already long forgotten bands. Just to make a list: Savage Grace, Agent Steel, Chastain, Hear’n Aid, Nasty Savage, G5, TNT, Hallow’s Eve, Lizzy Borden, Stryper and M.A.R.S. OK, there are also more popular songs by Metal Church, Manowar, Warlock, Yngwie Malmsteen and Anthrax, but these songs are well done too. Some of the original bands, like Warlock or Agent Steel, even send some musicians to play along with Powergod. Coolest of all is the Hear’n Aid song, which used to be a charity song by an all star band led by Ronnie James Dio. Powergod invited a lot of interesting guests (Sabina Classen and Mambo Kurt, just to name the two most notorious) to make an equally great rendition.

There’s also a lot of variety on the album, from the heavy thrash metal we love so much from Nasty Savage to the metal Ballad by M.A.R.S., and everything cool in between. I loved heavy metal in the 80ies, especially Agent Steel and Nasty Savage, which is why this album brings a lot of nice memories back to my head.

By the way, before we close this review, Powergod’s pseudonames – President Evil, Riff Randall and Hama Hart – are so hilarious you might get the impression that it’s just a parody, but I swear it isn’t. This is truly a Metal Lesson, and the added Number One gives us hope that there will be loads of more metal lessons. Death to false metal! 10 points and not one less!

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