POWERHOUSE - What Lies Ahead

Powerhouse - What Lies Ahead

15 songs
34:08 minutes
***** **
I Scream

Just look at the cover artwork, read the song titles, and if that doesn't convince you, inspect the photo of the band, and you know instantly what to expect: old school hardcore. Furthermore their drummer used to be a member of Madball. Sure, Powerhouse are more than just a clone, and they show that impressively when they come up with a really good chorus (as heard on the title track) or when they use the skills of a black female soul singer on Bullet Proof. It's mostly this latter song that shows that there is a lot of talent slumbering in this band.

Unfortunately, not every song is as attractive as this one, and most songs are just really good and groovy hardcore songs. The final spark jumping over to the audience is lacking though for most of the songs, which doesn't mean the songs are boring, because they aren't. But there is just not the originality that hardcore bands need these days to be able to rise out of the masses of similar bands.

This European version of Powerhouse's second CD contains at least two previously unreleased bonus tracks, which doesn't only make the CD more interesting, but also gives it a more social running time.

7 points with heads up, and anyone into traditional hardcore should still invest some minutes into this music to decide if the purchase should be done.

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