Prostitute Disfigurement - Deeds Of Derangement

11 songs
32:10 minutes
***** *


Prostitute Disfigurement are the kind of boys every mother dreams of having as sons-in-law. With song titles like Deformed Slut, She's Not Coming Home Tonight, Cum Covered Stabwounds and Skinned And Sodomized, you immediately perceive the Dutch deathsters respect towards the female gender. As the CD doesn't come with a lyric sheet and the webpage is not yet running, it is hard to say if they are a bunch of misogynist freaks or just a bunch of kids who watched one snuff movie too many. With a reasonable doubt, let's have an ear at the music then, and there you shouldn't be surprised to be confronted with some really mean old school death metal, kind of American East Coast school. Not yet as technical as Dying Fetus, they should nonetheless have more or less the same fan audience. Most of the songs are fast and skilfully played, the production would have deserved some more pressure though. The vocals are cookie monster style, a bit like early Cannibal Corpse, and although I am quite fond of extreme death metal in general, this vocal style can become quite monotonous and boring after a while.

A part from that, you get a solid and disgusting piece of extreme music that surely will appeal to a lot of underground death kids, as this is really far from the mainstream.

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