RAZORBACK - Criminal Justice

Razorback - Criminal Justice

9 songs
33:52 minutes


It seems as if the German true metal kings Majesty have too much time on their hands, how else can it be explained that they have time for so many side projects. After Lex felt tortured after having to review the Dawnrider album, I volunteered to have a take on the second Razorback album Criminal Justice.

Razorback are a band consisting among others of Rolf Munkes (formerly of Vanize, now also Majesty) and Stefan Berggren who used to sing for Company Of Wolves. Instead of true metal, we get polished Eighties melodic metal with discreet modern influences. If the album had been done more decently, I would have given it five or six points, because it would still be unoriginal. What angers me though is the sloppy packaging: not even 34 minutes of music for a metal album are a joke, and the ballad Hard To Say Goodbye is among the ten worst songs I have ever heard. It is so soft that even a Jon Bon Jovi would be ashamed to release it. I guess that even most melodic metal fans will roll their eyes at that onslaught of metal kitsch. Especially the lyrics sound as if taken from one of the popular German tele-novelas.

What remains is half an hour of melodic metal owing a lot to the Eighties phase of Whitesnake, but adding a contemporary guitar sound to sound not too out of place in this new millennium. So who should buy this album? I really donít know, because it is not as if there was a lack of better melodic metal albums.

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