Regurgitate - Deviant

27 songs
31:53 minutes
***** ****
Relapse / Suburban


Some bands take years to release a new album and have their fans waiting for an eternity, and then you have workaholics like Swedish grind kings Regurgitate who have released already three more split-EPs since the moment their third full-length Deviant was released and now that I am finally writing this review a few months later. All in all this makes already more than twenty releases in twelve years plus countless appearances on compilations.

When I first encountered Regurgitate, I was totally awed by the sheer power and relentlessness of their sound, I even gave their predecessor Hatefilled Vengeance the maximum number of points. Deviant is somehow even better, stretching their sonic armageddon over 27 songs in little more than half an hour. There may be people who think that songs should at least be 3 minutes long, but here the shortness works just great. It's of course to keep any one song in mind, but it's the overall impression that's important with Regurgitate. Instead of just following the footsteps of the pioneers Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror, Regurgitate show that they are somewhat pioneers themselves, with over a decade of existence, and they enrich their sound with a great production and very occasional hints of melody that leave you stunned. The more you concentrate, the more you will discover in their music, be it extreme metal parts or punk influences.

This is an album that works on two levels: either you listen to it to make it a personal supersonic headbanging session, or you lay back and feel stunned by the precision of these ultrafast musicians. Next to Nasum, they are not only the best grind bands in Sweden, but I dare say in the world at the moment. Those who doubt this shall go visit the band's website where they can download more than a dozen free songs.

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