REMAIN OPPOSED - Time Waits For No One

Remain Opposed - Time Waits For No One

13 songs
37:11 minutes
***** ***


Australian has shed its image of a musical no-man’s-land already a long time ago. They have proved that their horizon is far wider than just limiting themselves to hard rock music la AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. One such band going further is Remain Opposed from Melbourne who play a successful mix of hardcore and punk rock with an American touch.

Following their EP In The Shadows We Dance, Time Waits For No One is the band’s first longplayer. As much as they seem to like long album titles, their songs prefer a crunchy conciseness. Remain Opposed play melodic hardcore that partly reminds of bands like Rise Against and Comeback Kid, but also doesn’t hide its love for older influences like Pennywise and 7 Seconds. Despite their constant high velocity, the songs never lose the thread and always remain true to themselves. If the band opts for a more nervous approach, as on Devil On My Side, they still don’t really sound brutal. One of the biggest assets are are the vocals that are always more than just pure screaming. A parallel to Offspring may be justified due to the harmonic delivery. The band concentrates their energies on the strictly necessary, resulting in an album with an ideal length for this kind of music. Although Time Waits For No One pleases from beginning to end, it must be pointed out that the last third hardly adds any new impulses.

Despite this little point of criticism, Remain Opposed are still a band that approaches things with pure passion and enough talent to be able to come up with a strong hardcore album that should appeal to fans of the genre.

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