REMEMBER TWILIGHT - Kammermusik-Core

Remember Twilight - Kammermusik-Core

7 songs
28:58 minutes
***** ****

Sometimes bands set out to do something and then they end up with something completely different from what they intended, but the result is still great, or even better. The German band Remember Twilight's new CD is called Kammermusik-Core. Kammermusik is the German word for Chamber Music, and the band's weird constellation of 3 rock musicians (guitar, bass and drums) and 3 classical musicians (2 violins and bassoon) tries to aim for a hybrid classical hard rock style. Thank the Dear Lord Almighty they fail at that, because there are already too many bands who jump on that trendwagon.

Remember Twilight's use of German lyrics move them very close to new folk metal bands like Subway To Sally and In Extremo, just that RT are less metal and therefore more... dare I say punk? Anyway, it is something very unique. There are 4 new songs on the CD: Mephisto and An meinem Tod are mid tempo songs, Die Feder and K.O. are faster selections. Then there are 2 songs from last year's demo tape plus one live song, in very good quality by the way.

The production is very raw, and one might even hint at a certain amount of amateurism, but that's what gives charm to this music. The compositions are all very convincing, the vocals very emotional, the instrumentation totally original. If the 3 old songs were as close to perfection as the 4 new ones, I wouldn't have hesitated for a second to deal out a maximum rating, but this way, it will only be a high 9.

The CD costs 13 German marks (be nice and make that 7 Euros). To find out how to pay and maybe download a couple of songs, connect yourself to the Remember Twilight's homepage.

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