REMEMBRANCE - Silencing The Moments...

Remembrance - Silencing The Moments...

6 songs
55:48 minutes
***** ****


Carline and Matthieu from the doom duo Remembrance don’t look too happy, which is perfectly mirrored in the sound of their second album Silencing The Moments…, a picture book example of how to perform uncompromising slow music. Apart from a shorter filler, there are five songs that are more or less ten minutes long, filled with despair and sadness that is nearly incredible to grasp at first. In fact it took me a few times to even get into their music, it just sounds too dreary and barren at first, but once you get yourself into the right mindset, you will notice that this duo is not just another doom band, but two people who are really into the aesthetic concept of sad music, and express this by way of molten lava funeral doom at its very best.

It’s interesting that they are only two people, who play all the instruments themselves, and even share the vocals, where especially Carline’s ghostly wails make for a shivering atmosphere. I don’t know if the drums are played or programmed, but their ultra-slow rhythm underlines the desolation of the music.

It’s hard to pick out any favourites, because Silencing The Moments… feels like an overall artistic entity, and as such, it is even able at winning over people who are normally maybe even more into classical music. Sure, the male vocals are somewhat death metal like, but they are a part of the general mix and make sense.

This is doom metal at its very best: slow, artistic, radical, beautiful, romantic, scary,… You can add any number of adjectives to that. Silencing The Moments… is certainly not an instant pleaser, but deserves your attention. You will be rewarded!

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