RINGWORM - Justice Replaced By Revenge

Ringworm - Justice Replaced By Revenge

13 songs
27:49 minutes
***** **


Ringworm are a Cleveland based extreme band making noise already since 1991. Although they started as a metal band, they soon became fascinated by old school hardcore legends like Integrity and Earth Crisis, and those influences quickly were reflected in their music. The mixture of metal and hardcore nowadays gets often described as metal core, but Ringworm don't appreciate this definition too much.

Although they have been around for more than a decade, Justice Replaced By Revenge is only their third album, with the previous Birth Is Pain released four years ago. The reasons for the long breaks are touring activities with Ringworm and side projects (Integrity, Terror), family business and their regular jobs.

The songs have been written during four long years and the first impression is very positive. All songs are very short, exactly as you may except from a classic hardcore band. The first few tracks (Justice Replaced By Revenge, No One Dies Alone, Seeing Through These Eyes) are very furious, simple but effective. These songs are very brutal and deliver a massive dose of aggression. This is the good side of the album, and although the album even doesn't run for half an hour, there's too much repetition on the record. Ringworm's bad side is a more modern attitude towards hardcore. Some songs like House Of Hill and Day Of Truth (only to name a few) are less brutal, but more rhythmic and stomping. Here, Ringworm sound like a more extreme version of Pro Pain or Biohazard. As I already don't like the originals, these songs are not to be counted among my favourites.

Ringworm have produced a record that lives from a powerful production. The songs are probably only suitable for people who still mourn the hardcore sound of the Nineties. If you like Hatebreed or Integrity, Ringworm may of course be for you. But I suppose that there will be enough people preferring less traditional core.

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