SACRED STEEL - Slaughter Prophecy

Sacred Steel - Slaughter Prophecy

11 songs
45:53 minutes
***** ****

This is already the fourth Sacred Steel release, and both Lex and I knew that they had the really bad tendency of becoming more and more predicting after each release, so that we more or less ran for cover when it came to give a first listen to this new CD. Anyway, I had the guts to listen to it, and what a surprise when I heard the opening song, which also the title track. This sounded more like a death metal band than Sacred Steel, except for the use of Gerrit’s really high pitched vocals which are the band’s trademark. The following songs went in a more traditional so-called true metal line, but without sounding fake this time around. The production is tight, the songwriting is simple but very effective, there is nothing original about this band, but every song just sounds right to my ears. OK, it’s full of clichés, and song titles like Sacred Bloody Steel, Raise The Metal Fist and Let The Witches Burn emphasise this even more, but that’s what you expect with a band like Sacred Steel.

All in all, they sound very Eighties in a very good way, and the last song, Invocation Of The Nameless Ones, even shows Sacred Steel playing a great epic 10-minutes song. Everybody who grew up in the Eighties with bands like Agent Steel, Nasty Savage and Manowar will shed tears of nostalgia while listening to this record. Everybody else will probably shake their heads, but that shouldn’t worry those with the metal fists. Nine iron points.

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