Saviour Machine - Legend Part III:I

18 songs
78:37 minutes
***** ***

Legend may become the longest trilogy in music history. Part I got released in 1997 and Part II in 1998. The concept behind the trilogy is a biblic theme no surprise for a Christian band. Legend I introduced the apocalypse, Legend II described the chaos and the two parts of Legend III will bring clarity and resolution to many of the complicated elements of the trilogy. The third part is so complex that main man Eric Clayton needed three years to put its writing to an end. So far about the lyrical input of Legend. Musically there is nothing new to say about Saviour Machine. They have been playing music for over ten years and never disappointed a little bit. Legend III:I is again an excellent mixture of metal and gothic, presenting bombastic songs and orchestral hymns. Let's not forget Eric Claytons's unbelievable opera like voice combined with that kind of music. Very unique, very interesting. Spoken voice parts and female choirs let Legend III:I sound like a musical. I'm now already looking forward for Legend III:II which is supposed to be released in early 2002. When the trilogy is complete, you'll have 4 full-length CDs and over 5 hours of music.

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