SECRECY - Dictums Of Power

Secrecy - Dictums Of Power

10 songs
28:43 minutes
***** **


Secrecy were founded in late 2001. Dictums Of Power is the debut CD from this New York based death metal band. As the label is Goregiastic, it's no surprise that the musicians have Columbian roots. Secrecy don't make a secret and name bands like Krisiun, Decapitated and Morbid Angel as their major influences. Their songs are extremely brutal, but nevertheless technically on a high level, with an astonishingly high number of guitar solos that are surprisingly melodic, drawing parallels to what Kerry King did on the early Slayer albums. The vocals are very rough and especially on the ultrafast tracks (Conjuration Of The Fire God, Secrecy), grind elements can't be ignored. The album is running a little less than half an hour and so, there are no superfluous parts on the record. The song writing is already very solid, but Secrecy can't offer much that would distinguish them from similar death metal albums. But as the production is well done, I think that Secrecy deserve the chance that you listen to them. Although there's still some progress to do, their debut is a fierce death metal album suitable for fans of extreme metal music.

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