SEXTUM SEPULCRUM - Opus I – Dona Eis Requiem

Sextum Sepulcrum - Opus I – Dona Eis Requiem

13 songs
74:55 minutes
***** ****


With a homepage still heavily under construction and much of their Myspace and Facebook pages in Italian, I didn’t learn much about Sextum Sepulcrum apart from the fact that Opus I – Dona Eis Requiem is the debut album from this metal band based in Florence, Tuscany and also the first part of a planned trilogy.

Sextum Sepulcrum have concocted an amazing metal opera full of drama, bombast and symphonic parts. The monumental instrumentation builds a perfect backdrop for the powerful voice of the singer. With a running time of seventy-five minutes, the band nearly made it to the finish line without a hiccup, but The Sunset Beyond My Eyes turned out just a little too fluffy to allow the maximum rating. The album offers quite a panoply of sounds that is downright pampering the demanding metal fan. No matter if Sextum Sepulcrum show themselves from their playful, aggressive or dramatic side, there is never a lack of suspense. You might draw a parallel to Savatage’s Hall Of The Mountain King, even though the Italians are acting more extremely, at times even flirting with classic black metal. The keyboards and piano are also perfectly integrated into the overall sound of the septet. Actually this debut album contains such a high amount of pathos that only Italian metal bands seem able to come up with. For some this may sound overdone, while others, like me, will adore the music for precisely that same reason. The CD ends with the nearly twenty minute long epic Dona Eis Requiem summing up all of the band’s qualities.

Great album! Nothing more really needs to be said, except that the self-released album comes with a thick and professionally manufactured booklet that you wouldn’t normally expect from an unsigned band.

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