SILENT FORCE - Infatuator

Silent Force - Infatuator

13 songs
59:50 minutes

D.C. Copper's funny beard
D.C. Copper's funny beard

That's what I call justice: two really dreadful melodic metal CDs were waiting to be reviewed: Silent Force and Stormwind. Lex had the 'luck' to review the latter, so I got stuck with Silent Force. I don't know which CD is worse, because I never even listened to Stormwind as I didn't like the looks of their guitar player. Maybe it was D.C. Cooper's funny beard that made me review this one instead. Too many maybe's here, if you ask me.

So, to make a long story short: Silent Force is the band of ex-Royal Hunt vocalist D.C. Cooper (the guy with the funny beard) and Alex Beyrodt, ex-guitar player of Primal Fear, one of my most loathed bands ever. And Alex has no funny beard. In fact he has no beard at all. But this review starts to get a beard if I don't come to the point.

So yes, we get one full hour of melodic metal, including a cover version of a Judas Priest. That's like really unoriginal, just go ahead and ask Powergod who always have wiser choiced when it comes to covering metal songs. By the way, Rob Halford has no beard, or had none when he played with Judas Priest, although gay people sometimes like to sport moustaches, but that's more for hard rock acts than for melodic metal bands with funny beards.

D.C. Cooper is a decent enough vocalist, and Alex Beyrodt has listened to quite a many Yngwie CDs, and Yngwie didn't use to have a beard, but I haven't seen him in a long time, I just heard he became really fat, which would be a way to prevent people looking at his beard.

So there's also this epic 15 minutes trilogy, which is nothing else but an intro and two songs connected together only by a weird concept about Romans, although we all know that if you want to see Romans, you have to take drugs. That's what Philip K. Dick said, and I swear to the gods that he had a beard. A cool one by the way.

Then there's this really aweful ballad called In My Arms (so cheesy it could be played on any housewife radio station), and Promised Land has the most clichéd vocals ever.

Nah, I really don't like this album. Two beards only.

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