SINCE THE FLOOD - Valor And Vengeance

Since The Flood - Valor And Vengeance

10 songs
31:44 minutes
***** **
Iron Clad / Metal Blade


Since The Flood released their debut Valor And Vengeance about two years ago on Iron Clad Records, a small label run by the Unearth singer. Since The Flood obviously can never reach the same level as their label boss does with his band, but they present a fierce mix of very early old school hardcore combined with surprisingly melodic thrash metal passages.

The result isn't bad, but far away from being exceptional. Most parts lack originality and the entire record leaves a somewhat traditional impression behind. The songwriting isn't always too exciting, especially songs like The World Is Dead To Me and For Today seem unfinished. But there are of course also highlights on the record. The opener is an ideal and brutal introduction to this record, and These Scars surprises with some unusual guitar chords. Metal fans should try In My Eyes and Enough Said, two more restrained songs that have more in common with mid-tempo thrash than hardcore. But old school fans probably will adore the ultra violent In My Way and 24K where the singer sounds as if he was being strangled.

All in all, Valor And Vengeance is suitable for everyone who likes tough guy hardcore with a handful of metal influences. If you need comparisons, I could name Disciple A.D. or If Hope Dies. I think that the album is OK for a start, but if their next one contains as few surprises as this one, Since The Flood risk to become a copy of a copy what I don't wish of course for their future.

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