SKID ROW - Thickskin

Skid Row - Thickskin

12 songs
46:35 minutes
***** **
Steamhammer / SPV


Skid Row have the reputation of having been the last of the big arena hair metal bands, as they released their debut in the late 80s when the glam boom was already nearing its end. But with songs like 18 And Life, Youth Gone Wild and I Remember You (which finds its sequel I Remember You Two on this comeback album), even people who were never into the so called poser movement got to know them (somewhere I came across the expression "guilty pleasure", he he).

So 8 years after their last (not so successful) album, Skid Row are back with Thickskin and most importantly without Sebastian Bach, therefore with a new vocalist called Johnny Solinger. His deeper voice results in an album that doesn't sound very much like anything you would have expected from Skid Row, but as the criminally weird 80s are long over, that's maybe not such a bad thing. Skid Row don't sound like they used to, and the twelve songs on the album can be divided into two categories: loud and dirty rock'n'roller like the opener New Generation and Thick Is The Skin, and more modern post grunge sounds like Ghost and Swallow Me (The Real Me). The loud stuff reminds me at times of the constantly underrated Love/Hate, while the modern stuff is never as whiny and ball-less like Nickelback or Staind. Of course teenies today will miss that tearful MTV crap, and I guess that may also be the reason why Thickskin is released by an independent label. Still, this is far better material as I would ever have expected of this band. 7 points.

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