SLAPSHOT - Greatest Hits, Slashes And Crosschecks

Slapshot - Greatest Hits, Slashes And Crosschecks

22 songs
51:15 minutes
***** ***
Kingfisher / Suburban

Time to say goodbye. I would be a liar if I said that Slapshot has been my favourite hardcore band of all times, but this Boston hardcore band deserves respect for always having gone their own way without caring for trends. Maybe thatís what made them very unpopular with large parts of the so-called scene, and even I have very mixed feelings of the only Slapshot gig I had the honour to see.

But now, after 15 years of olde tyme hardcore, with one last album of greatest hits (and slashes and crosschecks), I fall into some kind of nostalgia with songs like Firewalker, Chip On My Shoulder or Punks Dead. I confess: I never really listened to their old stuff, and I am not a Slapshot expert to analyse the contents of this CD, but it is a well listenable compilation of hatred filled hardcore that could give a shit about anything most people care about... except ice hockey, which always seemed to be the only thing vocalist Choke sincerely loved.

So 22 songs, an album title which is referring, of course, to ice hockey, and a slight feeling of sadness for one of the last true bands to have gone to be replaced with a multitude of hardcore clones or clowns.

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