SPEAKYOURHEART - This Is How We Communicate

Speakyourheart - This Is How We Communicate

12 songs
34:39 minutes
***** *


The English quartet Speakyourheart hasn’t been around for a long time. Their EP Under These Lights We Are came out in 2008, followed two years later by their first longplayer This Is How We Communicate.

The musicians have their roots quite clearly in the melodic hardcore genre, but have since then shed much of their aggression. There is hardly any brutality left, if you dismiss the chaotic ending of the concluding track Tell The Men We’re Sinking. Melodies and emotions are combined successfully to create catchy and yet rousing songs. Even the acoustic guitar has been integrated well enough, which also counts for the clear vocals. The songs are all quite short, never overstaying their welcome.

This all sounds quite promising, but has a certain bitter aftertaste. The band could try to add more edginess to their sound, and variety is also not yet one of their strengths. After a good quarter hour, you seem to know everything there is about Speakyourheart who don’t manage thereafter to come up with new impulses, although it’s not so bad that they start getting on your nerves.

Speakyourheart dwell somewhere between good and evil on This Is How We Communicate. Highlights are sparse, but there are however no weak tracks either. In the end they can be labelled a slightly above average band that risks drowning in the flood of new artists. If they work hard on finding a more signature sound, there should be more to be expected from them the next time.

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