SPITALFIELD - Remember Right Now

Spitalfield - Remember Right Now

10 songs
36:54 minutes
***** ***


Although all four members of Chicago's Spitalfield have their roots in diverse hardcore acts, their new sound is different from their past. After two low budget releases on small labels, Spitalfield show on their Victory debut an incredible mix of indie rock with melodic pop punk and emotional and energetic hardcore influences. The single edit I Loved The Way She Said L.A. is a good example to underline Spitalfield's fluid combination of pop, rock and emo. Most songs are straightforward. Although a slight lack of variety exists, this is however Spitalfield's stronger side. A slower song like In The Same Lifetime is maybe a bit boring. I'm sure that Spitalfield are still able to improve their sound in a vaster direction, but friends of Jimmy Eat World or Count The Stars may be the right clientele for this young band.

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