SPITALFIELD - Stop Doing Bad Things

Spitalfield - Stop Doing Bad Things

11 songs
37:39 minutes
***** ***


The Spitalfield debut album Remember Right Now was a great start for the band as they sold alone in the USA over 40.000 units. As I liked this album very much, I was very eager to listen to their new album Stop Doing Bad Things. This record is actually the logical sequel to its predecessor. It's a pop punk album, but that shouldn't mean that all songs are sounding more or less the same. The production isn't too polished and there's a lot of uptempo songs (Restraining Order Blues, The Future Is Now,...). As on the debut, the emo factor again plays an important role on Stop Doing Bad Things. The opener So I Heard You Joined A Convent (great song title) is perfect to get you in the right mood for this album. But one thing that nearly all songs have in common is the sense for melodic choruses. Especially the catchy Gold Dust vs. State Of Illinois or the strongly pop orientated Van Buren could become radio hits. The noisy What Were You Thinking is the only track where distortion prevails over melody. In general, 9 out of 11 tracks on this album convinced me, justifying the rating of 8 out of 10. Spitalfield never intended to quit their so far successful way, but I would love to hear more surprises and innovation on the next album.

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