STICHT - Small City Lights

Sticht - Small City Lights

10 songs
39:15 minutes


Sticht is the band of Alex Sticht, formerly of Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can. With support from his brother Christoph and some known faces from the indie scene, among others Mäkkelä (Miracle Gyrlz, Trash Lounge) and Micropal mainman Hubertus. It seems that Sticht is still a very recent project as information about them is very hard to find on the Internet.

Another former Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can member, Klaus Cornfield, amazed me with his new band Katze, but Sticht leaves me rather cold. I can’t complain about technical issues, but with so many interesting people involved, I would have expected something more igniting.

Those who expect agitation and drama in their music will sorely be disappointed. It seems as if the musicians have prepared for a hot summer and never even try to achieve their bodily limits. I don’t think much sweat float during the recording sessions, as everything just sounds too laid back. The music is located somewhere between pop, adult rock and Americana, and fails to rouse me. This effect was probably intended, but it’s not what I expect of music. A little more rhythm and action would certainly not have inflicted any harm.

I doubt that this CD will find its way into my player very often in the future. Instead I prefer to spend time with the involved artists’ other projects.

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