STIGMA - When Midnight Strikes!

Stigma - When Midnight Strikes!

11 songs
41:38 minutes
***** **


Stigma from Italy deliver a furious mix of death metal, metalcore and even trace elements of black metal on their CD When Midnight Strikes!.

Unlike most metalcore bands, Stigma has opted for a loose concept that is running throughout the album: vampirism. This occult topic may explain the black metal influence. Stigma’s approach is direct and raw, but sometimes a little fine-tuning would have helped. Despite trying sometimes to beat speed records (as on the extreme To Be Really Dead… That Must Be Glorious!), Stigma often find room to indulge in quieter parts and melodic breaks. Although you can hardly speak of originality, Stigma add enough variation (two groovier songs, a slow but extremely brutal piece and a final track which is an exercise in deliberate primitiveness) to motivate the listener to make it through the entire album.

Guest musicians from underground bands Slowmotion, Apocalypse, Classic Struggle and Dark Lunacy help out on When Midnight Strikes!, basically a good classic death metal album which would be even better if there were more spontaneity and surprise elements.

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