STORMWIND - Reflections

Stormwind - Reflections

10 songs
45:16 minutes

Webmaster Pascal and I had the unpleasant task to review the CDs by Silent Force and Stormwind. He thinks I was lucky because I got with Stormwind the less horrible one (I do not... the only thing less horrible about the Stormwind CD is the shorter running time; Pascal). To my ears, we both had a bad draw. There are just two interesting facts about both bands. Silent Force's singer has a funny beard, Stormwind's guitar player was a Swedish karate champ and sparring partner of Dolph Lundgren.

Reflections is meanwhile the fifth CD by the prog / epic metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. The singer is Thomas Vikström, a former Candlemass singer, but this doesn't improve the CD at all. Stormwind don't try at all to hide their origins. All songs on Reflections are sounding like typical Northern hymns. High vocals, epic arrangements and Malmsteen-like guitars are the bricks of a very unoriginal cliché. When Stormwind try to sound more melodic as is the case for the title track, they risk to get too mellow and haven't got to do anything with metal anymore. Queen Of Nine Days is even a real pop tune.

Personally I can't recommend this CD to anyone. But there are always people preferring pre-cooked true metal to original bands that still need to be discovered.

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