STRAYLIGHT RUN - Prepare To Be Wrong

Straylight Run - Prepare To Be Wrong

9 songs
42:11 minutes
Victory Records


Straylight Run was formed by ex-members of Taking Back Sunday before they even released their first CD. The newly formed four piece has musically nothing in common with TBS, but combines different styles like pop, rock and emo, all kept at a very slow pace. Apparently quite successfully, as they sold already 200.000 copies of their debut.

Prepare To Be Wrong is an EP containing six new songs and three bonus tracks left from the recording sessions of their debut. I personally don't appreciate Straylight Run's music very much. The opener I Don't Want This Anymore begins Enya-like before transforming into a trip hop song. It's too esoteric for my taste. The best track is It Never Gets Easier, a power pop song reminding of Lemonheads or Our Lady Peace. The album continues with two more ballads: Later That Year is an anti-war song and A Slow Descent begins in a slow way before showing the rare rock side of Straylight Run. Hands In The Sky is a strange song with electronica and new wave elements, and the last new track is a Bob Dylan cover version. I don't know the original of With God On Our Side, but this second anti war song, despite its good intention, nearly sounds like a Christmas carol.

Finally you get the three older tracks, consisting of two unexciting emo pop songs and one more boring ballad.

Straylight Run may claim that they are very different from most Victory Records bands. But although there are a few sparse highlights on the record, the whole result just doesn't kick enough ass what you normally would expect from Victory bands.

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