Terrorgruppe - Blechdose

25 songs
77:42 minutes
***** ****

Terrorgruppe are a German pop punk band often compared to Die Ärzte. There are surely lots of parallels between both bands: they both come from Berlin, play a similar kind of music (although Terrorgruppe are slightly harder), both like sarcastic lyrics and they even did a split-CD together. After six regular CDs and one compilation with rare tracks, Terrorgruppe have decided to release a first live CD called Blechdose. The time was in fact right for this step because they couldn't write much new songs in 2001 due to huge tour activities and the change of a bass player.

The CD presents 25 short songs, most around the typical three minutes punk limits and they all were recorded either in Berlin or in Düsseldorf. My congratulations to Terrorgruppe for having produced this great live CD. The sound quality is excellent, the singer is often trying to integrate the audience into the show and the choice of songs could not have been better. Blechdose contains of course the hits Neulich Nacht and Mein Skateboard ist wichtiger als Deutschland. There are also some new songs like Ernst August, a hymn to the anarchist prince of Hannover. Terrorgruppe are most of the times writing songs with a serious background, but they wrap them into a humorous envelope, which is one of their strongest points. Only the English lyrics are less entertaining. Sometimes Terrorgruppe also try themselves as ska musicians, which succeeds well too. So there's nothing left to say except that Blechdose is a perfect live CD.

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