Texas Faggott - Kininigin

15 songs
73:00 minutes
***** **


I had been prepared to this sonic onslaught by a previous single. Finnish hillbilly trance master Texas Faggott take no prisoners on their fourth album, and use the full capacity of an audio CD to attack their audience with high bpm techno songs that display a weird sense of humour and rarely allow for a moment of respite.

The Finnish two-piece started making music in the early Nineties by creating soundtrack for goa trance parties in India, and only in the last years the millennium, they decided to release their music on CD. I am not familiar with their earlier albums, but the fifteen tracks on Kininigin are full of confidence that you would expect from people who have been in the job for more than ten years. Their two singles Harry Blotter and especially the rocking Psychedelic Virgins are of course the highlights on this entertaining release, although the short Narkpsy, with guitar samples, is the ideal place to start for the uninitiated. Although the basis for every song are fast beats and hypnotic keyboard loops, all kinds of samples add variety. It becomes especially interesting when they add country stuff, to give their band name justice.

What Kininigin lacks is a thread that goes through their songs. Established electro bands like Justice or Digitalism make albums that sound like rock albums played on electronic gear. This is rarely accomplished by Texas Faggott who seem to be more firmly grounded in club sounds, which by itself is not a bad thing, but the album would therefore have sounded better if there were no breaks between the tracks. Apart from the aforementioned tracks, Kininigin has more the feeling of a very accomplished mix than a collection of songs. Fans of high adrenaline electronic music with enough punch should still check this one out.

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