THEE MERRY WIDOWS - The Devil’s Outlaws

Thee Merry Widows - The Devil’s Outlaws

12 songs
36:32 minutes
People Like You


The Devil’s Outlaws is the second CD of these five merry widows, released only a year after their debut Revenge Served Cold. The ladies don’t look exactly pretty, but rather scary and awe-inspiring, as if they had just jumped out of a Russ Meyer movie. Their names Mistress Mandy, Miss Eva von Slut, Nishone, Jenna Verocious and Andrea underline their sleazy image. And exactly this bonus was what prevented this CD from getting capital punishment rating.

The Californians’ music didn’t manage to excite me one little bit. Their extremely traditional mix of psychobilly, horror punk, surf and garage rock doesn’t anything which we didn’t get from other bands in the past. Thee Merry Widows may take pride in being the first American all-female psychobilly band, but marketing only because of their gender seems like a cheap trick. Psychobilly is a genre that doesn’t have to offer much in the first place, and the Widows can’t even start to add some excitement. The songs are not only very simple, but they also all sound the same. Furthermore, Eva von Slut’s voice is anything but charming.

This CD bugged me from start to finish. And even though the cover artwork is well done, I will hardly ever again put my hands on this album.

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