TIMELESS MIRACLE - Into The Enchanted Chamber

Timeless Miracle - Into The Enchanted Chamber

12 songs
64:31 minutes
***** **


Four years after the band foundation, Timeless Miracle from Sweden release their debut album Into The Enchanted Chamber. The title and especially the cover artwork are well chosen, but somehow, it leaves the impression that Timeless Miracle could be another melodic power metal band. This isn't so wrong, but there are nevertheless differences between Timeless Miracle and the whole bunch of other powermetalheads. They all like catchy hooks, but Timeless Miracle write song that nearly only consist of sing-along choruses. They have packed a lot of ideas into their songs, but the sound is so oversaturated and the omnipresent keyboards sound like a demonstration of a kiddie keyboard in a Karstadt shopping mall, that the result is either funny or ridiculous. Especially the title track could be used as an Olympic hymn if Sweden happened to organise those games. If you think that the result is sounding so far very interesting or intriguing, then you will find a lot of different elements on this record: there are fast powerful songs, a ballad, metal hymns, folky songs, but all sounding absolutely bombastic. Into The Enchanted Chamber is a fine example of Nordic metal, even though I prefer harder metal music.

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