TORPID - Bulkhaul

Torpid - Bulkhaul

6 songs
42:28 minutes
***** *****


Lately it is hard to keep track of Torpid's releases. After a demo CD last year, there followed their first video clip Belaxt which was also already featured on the demo. The remaining tracks can now be found on their new EP Bulkhaul, together with two new songs recorded at the Kulturfabrik.

A compilation of sorts, Bulkhaul opens with Montgomery, seeing Torpid at their most commercial, playing on of those rare songs where you catch yourself humming along, although the song keep enough angularity to keep it in that beloved Torpid direction. The following two tracks, Kleerspoiler and 2x2, were recorded for a compilation, and are the oldest tracks featured here. The first cut is unusually psychedelic for Torpid, while the second has them more groovy again. The two new songs follow that pattern. Rex Moustash is a slower piece, with the guitar playing long chords over the busy rhythm section, whereas Wing is more of a rock song again, quite noisy with those hoarse Gilli trademark vocals. The concluding Goblay is unfortunately not 16 minutes long as indicated, but ends after only four minutes to be followed by some minutes of silence and then a noisy but unbearable hidden bonus track.

What remains are six songs or half an hour of quality time with Torpid. Of course their next album should be superior, considering they will be recording with Steve Albini, and this becoming the new pride of Luxembourg. But until then, Bulkhaul shows Torpid from its rock side as well as from its more introspective side. Buy this now and you can claim later that you knew them already before they were superstars.

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