TREPHINE - Trephine

Trephine - Trephine

8 songs
39:55 minutes
***** ***
Public Guilt


Located in the middle of the devil's triangle consisting of metal, prog and math rock, instrumental four-piece Trephine from Baltimore certainly don't invent a new genre. Nonetheless they feel very at ease in a genre that only a few years ago attracted small privileged elites, but today is spearheaded by bands like Dysrhythmia, Stinking Lizaveta and also a couple of vocal bands.

This self-titled debut features of course guitar, bass and drum, but to make matters more interesting, Trephine have a percussion player who, according to the info sheet, plays all kinds of assorted objects. Live this must make Trephine an extraordinary band, but on CD, it also helps to make them sound more alive in a rhythmical sense.

It's not always an easy album to get into. That's one of the things vocal-less music most always has to live with. The mathy progginess proves the band's technical abilities, but the lack of easy identifiable melodies is a challenge that takes some time to master. Enveloped by Goes To Hell, Mr Wiggles (Parts One and Two), you get mostly short four minute pieces, only the two last ones allow for digression. In the end I am left with a young band that never falls into the mistake of being overzealously complicated, but that uses enough structural complexity to tickle your mind. As quieter moments, experimental rhythmic studies and straighter metal aggression find an equilibrated balance, there is, despite the lack of vocals, no risk of Trephine ever becoming boring or tedious. Math rockers with the taste for the extreme will be deftly rewarded with this release.

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