TRIP FONTAINE - Dinosaurs In Rocketships

Trip Fontaine - Dinosaurs In Rocketships

12 songs
42:41 minutes
***** **


German five-piece Trip Fontaine play a hard to describe music which combines elements from rock, punk, hardcore and indie pop. The colourful cover artwork fits well to the band name which is actually owing its name to a character from Jeffrey Eugenides’ novel The Virgin Suicides.

Dinosaurs in Rocketships has been preceded by one full-length album, three self-released demo CDs and a split-10” with Julith Krishun. Trip Fontaine cause a stir by using two simultaneously playing drummers and a rather liberal use of keyboards.

Trip Fontaine’s sound is quite diverse, which at times works fantastically, but just as well risk sometimes to fail. The album starts riskless with the upbeat dance punk track Astronaut which reminds of Robocop Kraus. There are a few further pieces heading into that same trendy direction, although not all songs fit into that mould. The bass heavy instrumental Cachacha sounds, due to its progressive structure, like King Crimson, and Rio, How Nice… overwhelms with complex guitar patterns, probably not everybody’s cup of tea.

Their strongest moments appear toward the last third of the moment. The hectic Vicemagazinegestalt is demanding the listener’s entire attention. Some Use Many Eyes gathers different moods, and despite its many breaks, it still has hit potential. The album ends with Das Ende vom Zelt, which starts in a singer/songwriter fashion, then build momentum to end in a clamorous blues improvisation.

Trip Fontaine sound best whenever they are loud and noisy. The weakest moments are their two quiet tracks which just lack the power of their other material. The band needs to streamline their songwriting though to be able to find a place in the first division of indie rock music.

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