TVESLA - Demo ’05

Tvesla - Demo ’05

5 songs
35:20 minutes
***** **


Tvesla are notorious procrastinators when it comes to songwriting. The Luxembourgish instrumental three-piece has been around for eight years now, and apart from contributions to split-vinyl records and compilations, they never made it to an own release. Demo ’05, recorded live in a studio in the German town Bitburg, has been released only two year after its conception, and although it is officially speaking only a demo, the long running time should allow this to be considered their first full-length release.

The five tracks, which all last between five and nine minutes, have not yet been available on their vinyl releases, which is already a good sign for the collector. At the time of this review, the recordings are already three years old, so that those of you who witnessed one of the numerous Tvesla shows should be more or less familiar with the included material. As there are no vocals and hardly any recurring structures, it’s hard to tell where one track ends and the next one starts, but that’s one of the nice things about Tvesla: their shows often have a very jam-like feeling, which is especially interesting on a good day. And the songs on Demo ’05 show the band from their best side: tight, raw, unpolished and unpredictable. Although they are angular and jarring, they resist the intellectual snobberies of math rock. Especially their magnum opus Faarweg is full of contrasting moods that make this centre piece the highlight on the album, although the other tracks are also quite worthwhile.

Demo ’05 is eventually what it claims to be: a demo recording. Maybe Tvesla are not meant to be heard in any other context, but the cheap packaging and the lack of information take some pleasure of the overall product. And also, if you have been to dozens of Tvesla concerts (as they are inevitable when you live in Luxembourg), you might want to hear them develop a few novelties into their sound. The next eight years should give them enough time.

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