VAN CANTO - Tribe Of Force

Van Canto - Tribe Of Force

13 songs
55:13 minutes
***** ****


It’s amazing how fast Van Canto built themselves a reputation. The band was founded in 2006 and has now, after A Storm To Come and Hero, released already their third album Tribe Of Force. Initially the a cappella metal band was meant to be a short-lived project, but the demand was so huge that the musicians decided to invest more time and energy into Van Canto which finally became a regular band.

Although apart from the drum kit, the band has no instruments, they still manage to sound incredibly powerful. The four male and one female vocalists harmonise perfectly, thus effortlessly giving the songs with their polyphonic singing the necessary drive. Like in the past, they mostly perform their own songs, trying hard to portray every possible aspect of the metal genre. To Sing A Metal Song and One To Ten should be considered classic metal as they sound quite heavy. My Voice and Magic Taborea aim towards melodic power metal. Things become mellower on Last Night Of The Kings that reminds of Blind Guardian ballads. Sometimes female vocalist Inga Scharf takes over the lead vocals, as on Water. Fire. Heaven. Earth., permitting comparisons to Nightwish. The playful Hearted features Sonata Arctica’s Tony Kakko on vocals. Although they couldn’t convince James Hetfield to guest on Masters Of Puppets, there is a welcome visit from Chris Boltendahl on the Grave Digger cover version Rebellion. Rage’s Victor Smolski even supplies something until now unheard of on a Van Canto album by providing a real guitar solo.

Van Canto always rely on the same old recipes, yet the joke never grows old. The band continually finds new ideas on how to integrate voices originally into the metal genre. Considering how many concerts they play and how often they are features in the most diverse media, it should be expected that we will hear even more from Van Canto in the future.

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