Various Artists - Czech Assault

25 songs
63:38 minutes
***** ****
Relapse / Suburban

I was rather surprised to discover that this compilation (or 5-way split-CD) was released by Relapse Records, because normally I expect Czech grind core music to come from Obscene productions. At first I doubted that this made any sense, but after repeated listening, I came to the conclusion that the main goal of this CD is to show the world not only how great Czech grind core is, but also how much different sub-genres exist within the supposedly limited style of grind music.

Imperial Foeticide are opening the CD with 4 songs plus 2 rather futile intro and outro pieces. Their drummer is also responsible for the programming, which is used here to achieve unhuman subsonic speeds. This is one of the fastest bands I have ever heard in the grind core genre. Maybe a bit boring after all, but also interesting and a good way to show your work colleagues or whoever that you really listen to awfully extreme music.

The next band, Negligent Collateral Collapse, are also totally extreme, although they easen up their high speed grind core with occasional groove parts. The vocals sound as if they come from the deepest hell.

Only with the third band, Contrastic, this CD starts to unfold its qualities, because from here on, it's only genius. I have often heard bands that combine grind core with jazz, and I normally like it very much, but when a band like Contrastic even adds some serious house music to it, then it's like something completely unheard of. I mean, this is so original that it's hard to believe it can even be. Contrastic rule.

Intervalle Bizarre, the fourth band on the CD, are maybe not as original, but they are also one of the rare grind core bands that sound totally unlike anything else coming from the genre. As their name is already hinting, their music is very progressively tinged, and so they sound like the grind core brothers of old VoiVod. Plus, they show their roots by covering After World Obliteration by Terrorizer.

The last band is Fleshless, and they normally record for the Czech Republic's leading label, Obscene Productions. Fleshless is a very routined band, and they don't have to hide behind the biggies like Napalm Death or Extreme Noise Terror. Very mature and professional, plus a coverversion of Mortician's Slaughterhouse.

All in all, this is a really great compilation. The first 2 bands are only good, but from there on it's sheer greatness attacking you. Every band gets between 10 and 15 minutes, so that you have the opportunity of making yourself a fair impression of their talents. Any grind core fans should get this CD.

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