Various Artists - Schnusic

19 songs
70:44 minutes
***** ***

S.C.R.A.P. (Sub Cultural Radikal Arts Production) is a new independent label in England and they now released a first label compilation. On this CD, you can hear about 60 musicians from eight different countries. One important thing that they all have in common is that they reject the rockstar image and want to keep music down to earth. The most unusual fact about this compilation is the variety of sounds. It contains nearly everything from Crossover (DSG, X-IT, 2000 DS), Punk (Dead Plants, Judge Trev's ICU), Pop (Head Jam, Criminals Of Evolution), Rock (Far Out Fishing, Broken), Experimental (Asset v's G-Rant, Disarm Support Group), Noise (Digi Dub, Digital Support Group, Chihuahua-Zycantah), etc. Even fans of Psychedelic (Litmus), Ska (Flat Pig), Folk (Parne Gadje) and Gothic (Zinnober) will find pleasure on the CD. For tolerant music fans, this compilation offers a good chance to get in contact with a new, but interesting and promising label.

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