Virgin Snatch - Act Of Grace

9 songs
43:09 minutes
***** ***


Virgin Snatch (cool band name!) from Poland are not that well known outside their native country where they have already built themselves quite a reputation. Their fourth album Act Of Grace offers timeless thrash metal. Quoting Testament as their biggest inspiration, they actually sound slightly harder than the Bay Area pioneers. Only Don’t Get Left Behind wouldn’t feel out of place on a Testament CD.

The harder orientation may be explained by the death metal pasts of some band members who used to be in Vader, Behemoth and Decapitated. Furthermore three of the five musicians play also in death metal bands. Act Of Grace contains countless fast and hectic parts, especially the busy drums remind of Slayer. The often brutal and raw vocals should make this interesting also for death metal fans. Virgin Snatch pay attention to add enough variety, surprising time and again with the many breaks to be found within songs. Their combination of sometimes diametrically opposed elements works flawlessly. No matter if they are flirting with melodic power metal or tackle complicated structures la Meshuggah, the band always convinces 100%, making the listening experience incredibly fun. The CD’s final piece It’s Time even proves that the band is at ease in mellow, acoustic territories.

The Polish metal scene, no matter if thrash, death or progressive, has been growing incredibly fast lately. Virgin Snatch are definitely a band with the potential to play in the top league. They play on a very mature and demanding level, which is why the potential listener should be prepared to invest a sufficient amount of time into the discovery and deciphering of this splendidly thought through album.

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