WINTER’S VERGE - Eternal Damnation

Winter’s Verge - Eternal Damnation

11 songs
54:01 minutes


Winter’s Verge come from Cyprus, which is rather an exotic location for a metal band. Eternal Damnation is the international debut from the band, although they released already the album Another Life… Another End on their native island in 2006. Eternal Damnation is still not a regular new album, but a reworked version of the debut with two new tracks.

As exotic as their origins are, as conservative is the band’s take on music. Heavy metal can’t sound any more old school than Winter’s Verge, who have taken inspiration on the one hand by early US metal bands like Jag Panzer and Omen, and on the other hand by German legends like Helloween and Gamma Ray. Although this is anything but original, Winter’s Verge manage to start their CD with a blast. The opener and title track transfers you two decades into the past. On My Winter Sun, they show that they know how to write a good melody, and the double bass drum attacks are impressive. Get Me Out is fast and complex at the same time, and the highlight of the album. From there on, you get the impression that the band has given everything they can. The keyboard heavy Goodbye shows some progressive elements, but apart from that, I didn’t discover any more notable material. The same patterns reappear, three quiet songs are extremely boring, and To You I Sail Tonight has only yet aspirations to become a real metal hymn.

Eternal Damnation is a solidly played record, but Winter’s Verge rely too heavily on safe and well known structures, which results ultimately in quite an unspectacular outcome. I am certain that Winter’s Verge have more potential, they only need to be more courageous the next time.

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