A.C.O.D. - Inner Light

A.C.O.D. - Inner Light

3 songs
11:13 minutes
***** ****


A.C.O.D. stands for A Cause of Death and is a band from Marseille that plays a rather angry kind of music. Founded in 2006, they have released so far three longplayers and two EPs, the latter of which has just been released. Inner Light contains only three songs and is at eleven minutes their shortest effort yet.

Like the proverb "brevity is the soul of wit", Inner Light also manages to shine throughout its short length. I dare compare A.C.O.D. with Luxembourgish band Sleepersí Guilt, as they also move skilfully between thrash and death metal, with angry and melodic parts holding the balance. A.C.O.D. are not hiding that they have been influenced by their compatriots Gojira and Dagoba. A member of the latter was even in charge of mixing this EP. This doesnít mean that A.C.O.D. are a mere copy. In fact they write powerful songs full of pace changes. The guitars are lashing aggressively forward, the rhythm section will run you over like a stream roller, and especially the tight drumming is very impressive. The vocals are mostly screamed but fit well within the context of the aggressive music.

Itís hard to point out a favourite among the three songs, but Inner Light works definitely very well as a business card. If A.C.O.D. can manage this same level throughout an entire longplayer, they definitely have a promising career ahead of them.

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