ADX - Non Serviam

ADX - Non Serviam

11 songs
48:05 minutes
***** ***

Parisian band ADX is a legend in their native country, considering that they have been around since 1981. Itís also quite unusual that three of the five original members are still in the band. ADX, which is an abbreviation for "acier doux", definitely donít play mellow metal, as their name might imply, but rather something which lies between heavy, power and speed metal.

It should also be noted that the lyrics are exclusively in French, and are inspired by persons and events of their national history. Once in the early Nineties, the band once tried to switch to English, but that didnít work out for them. But not only the lyrics deal with historical topics, also the music is giving us a history lessons about the metal music of the Eighties. This doesnít mean that ADX havenít evolved, but rather that they have a predilection for metal the way it was popular about thirty-five years ago. The musicians master their instruments, and Phil Grelaudís charismatic voice reminds a little of Trustís Bernie Bonvoisin, giving each song something unique. The songs consist mostly of fast riffs, but usually come with very melodic choruses, and occasionally there are also some more dramatic moments. Especially the two guitars are interacting wonderfully, reminding at times of Iron Maiden. Some songs surprise with elements that one wouldnít expect of ADX. The title track for instance is an unusually brutal track, and Les oubliťs is even flirting with progressive metal. But no matter what the band is doing, the audience will be entertained from the first to the very last note.

It deserves respect that despite two lengthy hiatuses (1992-1997 and 2001-2006), ADX never gave up and managed to rise like Phoenix from the ashes. The material on Non Serviam can be labelled classic or rather timeless metal that should find a lot of admires among the vintage metal faction. ADX are one more example that the French metal scene is currently as suspenseful as never before.

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