AERANEA - The Demons Inside

Aeranea - The Demons Inside

3 songs
12:33 minutes
***** ***
Painted Bass


Aeranea from Germany started in 2012 as a gothic doom metal band, but have elaborated their style over the years by integrating elements from symphonic and thrash metal. The band name itself doesnít really have any deeper meaning, it was just supposed to sound good. In 2014 they self-released their debut longplayer As The Sun Died, followed two years later by the EP The Fading Ones. They also participated and won at a competition to get a slot at the yearly Female Metal Event in Eindhoven, where they played this year. It also helped them get a record deal with the Dutch label Painted Bass.

Starting right with the opener The Fall, itís obvious that the band from Essen deserved their prize. Gothic metal is still the main foundation of their music, but the symphonic elements also have a lot of weight. Vocalist Lilith has a very pleasant voice that works as well with the clean as with the harder parts. Occasionally she is supported by some male growls. The second track Forgotten And Numb is a little more melancholic, but once trumps with bombast. Even though this comparison is not metal at all, Lilithís vocal performance reminds me of Pink. The concluding Fear shows the band from their more energetic side.

One canít say that Aeranea add new impulses to the symphonic and/or gothic metal genres, but what they do is incredibly authentic and professional. There is already a lot of potential, and I am sure that this band will mature to something even bigger. Itís only a question of time until a bigger label will be interested by this band.

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