The Army Of Butterflies - Prayers For Rain

2 songs
10:56 minutes
***** ***


It is one of the most tragic, if not the most tragic, story of Luxembourg’s music scene. Babyoil were one of the founding bands of the Luxembourgish music scene, with their charismatic singer Sebb showing from the band’s earliest days on that you can play quality rock music beyond the hardcore consensus that was prevailing back in those days. Four years ago the band decided to change their musical direction and renamed itself I Promised You September, and very shortly thereafter Sebb had an unfortunate accident that leaves him severely disabled. Two years ago, the remaining Babyoil members and other Luxembourgish bands organised an incredibly successful benefit show to raise awareness and funds, and to show that Sebb is not forgotten, musicians from Babyoil, I Promised You September, Defdump, Cosmogon and Medley Jukebox got together to form the ephemeral The Army Of Butterflies to record two songs from I Promised You September that will be released as a USB stick (including a video clip) and digitally. According to the info sheet, another benefit show will be planned in the future.

And yet it would be nice to see The Army Of Butterflies evolve into a regular band, because the musicians really know how to continue the spirit of Sebb’s songwriting. Even though there are only two tracks on the EP, they give quite a good picture of what this could become. The opener is comprised of the three pieces Onto The Night / Into The Light / Missing You, running at over seven minutes, starting very melancholically with friends of Sebb talking about him, before the middle part is a really moving indie post rock track with a lot of punch, with great guitar work and former Defdump vocalist Pascal proving that he can not only scream, but is also quite a talented singer. The last part is an electronic reprise that prepares for the second song. The three minute title track Prayers For Rain is a more upbeat track that comes a bit unexpected after the more serene opener but shows the possible depth of this band.

One can only hope that The Army Of Butterflies will continue playing music together. First and most important of off, it is imperative never to let Sebb’s memory drift away, but also it should be noted that these guys might become one of Luxembourg’s hottest rock band. For now we can be happy with the two great songs on this short EP, but I am sure not only I would have liked to hear more music from The Army Of Butterflies.

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