Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disastes - Show Me Your Teeth

12 songs
42:48 minutes
***** ***


Two years ago, I was quite taken with the debut album Bad Habit from Welsh rock band Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters. My first impression of its successor Show Me Your Teeth was somewhat less favourable, as the album has turned out to be quieter and maybe more commercial. But bear with the album, because repeated listening will let you uncover the songsí virtues. All in all Beth Blade and her three male Beautiful Disasters stayed true to their roots and still play crunchy hard rock with a British bent.

The comparisons to Thin Lizzy still make sense on the new album. Secrets is a very catchy opener that instantly gets you into a good mood and wanting for more. It was therefore surprised that this is followed by the first mid-tempo song Give It All Youíve Got. And yet Beth saves the day with her raw voice. As on the debut, she is not only the vocalist, but also the lead guitarist and main songwriter. There are some more quiet songs, like the well behaved You And I, possibly the weakest track on the album, or the title track which turns out to be a ballad. But there are also a lot of authentic rock songs. Beth Blade said I Ainít Got Nothing (If I Ainít Got RockíníRoll) her favourite track on the album, and itís a safe bet that this driving hymn is not only a tribute to Thin Lizzy, but will also become a live classic. Other standout tracks are the very catchy Into The Light and the concluding Jack And Coke, which despite a bluesy middle part is the heaviest song on the album: a great ending to the record.

Show Me Your Teeth is despite my first not so great impression a really solid hard rock resp. classic rock album with deep roots in the Seventies. Not all the songs may achieve to the slightly superior debut, but itís still a very listenable record with some downright highlights. Itís best you listen to this at a very high volume.

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