DIE GRÜNE WELLE - Wirf dein Leben weg

Die Grüne Welle - Wirf dein Leben weg

12 songs
37:23 minutes
***** ****


The Green Wave, as Die Grüne Welle would be named in English, is neither vegetarian, nor vegan or political. It is rather a theory that if drivers stay below the speed limit in inner cities, they will always get a green light. The theory has long been disproved but Die Grüne Welle is also a really cool German rock band that deserves a closer look.

Even though I labelled them a rock band, it’s actually not so easy to categorise Die Grüne Welle’s music. The guitars have a certain punk rock flair, the vocals are quite direct but occasionally tend towards hip hop. There is also a saxophone adding ska elements. The numerous influences are emphasised by a multitude of guest musicians that Die Grüne Welle could convince to help out on their third album Wirf sein Leben weg. On the fast ska punk song Dämonen, we hear for instance the voice of Axel Kurth, vocalist of German pop punk legends Wizo. Rapper Weekend turns Problem into a crossover track.

The lyrics are also of the better kind. Die Grüne Welle don’t hold back deal with topics with an in-your-face attitude. Some may criticise the lyrics to be too obscene, but when it comes to nazis, fascists and "concerned citizens", you don’t get anywhere with diplomacy. Teilzeitchrist shows the hypocrisy behind all religions. This ska track is also catchy as hell and a good place to start the album. The hymn Für die Massen also has hit potential and would have got definitely more attention, had it been written by Kettcar instead.

Right after the Antilopen Gang, Die Grüne Welle is the hottest that the German rock hip hop scene has to offer. The songs are great without an exception, and the lyrics fit the music with their smartness. If everyone shared the same beliefs as Die Grüne Welle, we would be living in a world where respect and consideration would have more weight than they currently do.

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