F.K.‹. - 1981

F.K.‹. - 1981

15 songs
39:31 minutes
***** ***


Itís always again a pleasure to get a new album by F.K.‹., as the Swedes have shown already many times in the past that thrash metal can favourably be combined with a lot of fun. Itís only a shame that they always take so long to come up with new longplayers. This time we had to wait for four years for their new album to be released, but it was well worth it, as the fifteen tracks on 1981 are pure enjoyment.

Titled after a year, the album is a concept album. F.K.‹., which stands for Freddy Krueger's ‹nderwear, are naturally deeply interested in horror movies, and according to the band, 1981 was a really good year for the genre with classics like Halloween II and The Evil Dead. From a musical vantage point, F.K.‹. are also deep into the Eighties, sounding like a crossover between Overkill and Exodus, although the Swedes try to come across even a little harsher. Especially singer Larry Lethal is straining his vocal cords in a way to approach his role models. The songs are usually quite short, with some of them not even making it to two minutes. Considering that, one might that the music might sound a little primitive, but thatís really not the case. Itís actually quite surprising how complex F.K.‹. are occasionally acting. Despite the straightforwardness of the material, there are a lot of tiny detail just waiting to be discovered. There are even a ton of hits. The first single Nightmares In A Damaged Brain and also Corpse Mania have all it takes to become future live classics. The slightly slower paced The Funhouse shows a different side of the band, inspired by crossover thrash band S.O.D. Ms .45 surprises with a spooky atmosphere before Evil Dead is the bonus track to an overall successful album.

1981 unfortunately will be released only three days after Halloween, but I am convinced that many of its tracks will be suited for Halloween 2018 soundtracks. But of course you shouldnít wait until then but rather enjoy the albumís many thrash grenades in the here and now.

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